Naldehra House is available for your stay and holidays

Daragh Anglim – Ireland (August 2000)

“Thankyou for a lovely few days, we were very lucky to choose to stay in the Farmhouse and now feel that we have a family in India. We would recommend “Shimla Farmhouse” to everyone who wants to be far from the tourist track and get to know the real India.”

Jakob Ladefoged – Denmark (2001)

“I had a great time, I can’t have imagined that around Shimla, life can be so natural - farming in the mountains, its amazing to see that people are still living in a traditional way, which is no longer in the West”.


Naldehra House is available for your stay and holidays

Kelly Boucher - Australia (2005)

“Real India, a lovely home and a beautiful family to be with. The evening prayer was very peaceful and special. Wonderful mountain views, nice garden and balcony and great to have the experience of being a local.”

Ben, Kate and Ewan Child – Huddersfield U.K. (2005)

“….. For my family, it was great to stay with your family. Thanks to Shibon and Jason who recommended your Family Home Stay. It was lovely for Ewan to play with Manu the dog and other children and to be free around the farm. We will miss our wonderful time with you all and hope to come back and see you again soon…”


Naldehra House is available for your stay and holidays

Lydia Killey - USA - ( July 2005 )

“How I enjoyed the trip from Shimla to the Satluj Valley and your Farmhouse. The visit to Shiva’s cave and that cathartic dip in what you called “a little river” was a treat…your village, walking through the rice fields and POT and past temples was something so unexpected and to us Westerns, so magical. The green forest walk is just the thing I like to do, seeing how the people live up there and visiting the little school. The best of all was to spend time at you’re your home. I have some lovely photos of the balcony with the carpets and cushions to sit on, please thank your mother very much for having gone to such trouble for us, especially when she was in the middle of planting rice ! Perhaps you should have got us all working too .”